HK Cannabis Law Newsletter – May 29, 2020

In today’s newsletter, corruption allegations in the California cannabis industry, Oregon cannabis company files suit over alleged civil rights violation, new science to assist law enforcement in detecting “high” driving, and a surprising key to economic recovery—legalization!

  • Allegations surface regarding City official bribery/corruption scam in Calexico, CA.

  • Is marijuana testing for municipality employees a thing of the past?

  • The NCIA wants the DEA to stay out of cannabis research.

  • Issues of scale in tending to and drying cannabis.

  • Oregonized Hemp Co. LLC, is suing two Oregon counties alleging that a police-raid in April resulted in violations of its civil rights and the unlawful seizure of $2 million in plants.

  • A new breakthrough in cannabis breathalyzer technology.

  • Can cannabis legalization spark economic recovery?

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