HK Cannabis Law Newsletter - March 13, 2020

In today’s newsletter, the importance of obtaining product liability insurance in the Cannabis sector, federal prosecutors in the Eastern District solicit the cooperation of Weedmaps in the crackdown on the illegal market, the sweeping and detrimental impact of the corona virus on an already weakened cannabis industry, and more.

  • A primer on insuring against product liability in the cannabis industry from our friends at Nine Point Strategies.

  • U.S Attorney’s for the Eastern District of California issued subpoenas to Weedmaps’ parent company, Ghost Management Group LLC.

  • The coronavirus will likely impact the cannabis industry negatively, but there is a silver lining.

  • A new study found that cannabis use is associated with smaller waistlines and lower levels of triglycerides.

  • To comply with the 2018 farm bill, California implemented a ten-year ban on hemp cultivation for drug felons.

  • Bruce Linton is back and making moves.

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