HK Cannabis Law Newsletter - January 3, 2020

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In today’s newsletter, potency-based cannabis tax, litigation regarding cannabis delivery to localities that prohibit retail, San Joaquin County’s hefty fines, and more.

  • After negative reactions to the cannabis tax hike, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office is recommending an alternative, potency-based cannabis tax. Article here. Official report and fact sheet here.

  • The SAFE Banking Act appears unlikely to clear the Senate Banking Committee without significant compromise, based on an Idaho Senator’s opposition.

  • Ongoing litigation is threatening the burgeoning cannabis delivery market in localities that do not allow brick and mortar cannabis retailers and the industry at large.

  • The looming wave of bankruptcies highlights the lack of bankruptcy protection for cannabis businesses.

  • San Joaquin County is considering $1,000-per-plant fines for illegal grows.

  • Yet another labeling requirement for cannabis potentially coming in California.

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