Cannabis Newsletter - November 8, 2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

In today’s newsletter, a potential moratorium on dispensary transfers in Sacramento, new cultivation regulations in Calaveras County, California Department of Business Oversight guidance on cannabis banking, and more.

  • Sacramento Mayor calls for a moratorium on all dispensary ownership changes due to investigation showing surreptitious transfers even though selling permits is explicitly prohibited, as well as for increase in license cap to allow those affected by drug war to seek licenses.

  • Calaveras County votes 3-2 to approve new cultivation regulations.

  • The California Department of Business Oversight issues guidance ensuring it will not bring enforcement actions against an institution solely on the basis that it services legitimate cannabis businesses.

  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars of inbound legal cannabis packaging products seized by CBP in Washington, CBP claims it isn’t targeting cannabis-related products.

  • More cannabis businesses are factoring in licensure denial legal challenges into the budget, and for many it has paid off, even raising the total number of allowable licenses in multiple jurisdictions!

  • An interesting read regarding the burgeoning cannabis cash transport and security industry.

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