Cannabis Newsletter - November 15, 2019

In today’s newsletter, the BCC suspended nearly 400 cannabis licenses, prepping for vape cartridge product-liability, cannabis and veterinarians, and more.

  • Nearly 400 cannabis licenses suspended for failure to enroll in and train on Metrc, the state’s track-and-trace program.

  • THC vape cartridge companies are (or should be) preparing for product-liability suits in the wake of the rash of lung illnesses now linked to Vitamin E Acetate in illicit cartridges.

  • THC cartridges linked to vaping injuries, but possibly due to illicit cartridges’ use of adulterated oil to boost profits.

  • Medical cannabis still protected in new House spending bill, but Senate not yet ready to include recreational industry protections.

  • A fascinating discussion regarding cannabis in the veterinarian space.

  • Tips from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for cannabis cultivators.

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