Cannabis Newsletter - December 27, 2019

In today’s newsletter, a compilation of year-end recaps, the BCC’s new QR code program, new Prop 65 warning requirements coming in 2020, and more.

  • Some year-end recaps of cannabis news in 2019:

o From Cannabis Wire.

o From Cannabis Business Times.

o From NORML.

  • BCC launches QR code program to enable consumers to check if cannabis retailers are licensed.

  • The dangers of waiting to harvest your hemp crop.

  • Prop 65 warning saying cannabis “known to cause birth defects” will be required on labels starting in 2020.

  • Can landlords evict tenants for vaping? It depends.

  • Study confirms that state-licensed marijuana retailers have a high refusal rate for underage customers, exceeding similar rates for alcohol.

  • CDC confirms that Vitamin E Acetate is the culprit in most vaping death.

  • Calls for NFL to follow MLB’s lead after the latter recently changed its position on marijuana.

  • These states could legalize cannabis in 2020.

  • The State of the California cannabis market.

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