Cannabis Law Newsletter by HK Cannabis Law – May 14, 2021

In today’s HK Cannabis Law Newsletter, we present information regarding, newly introduced legislation in New York that prevents police from using the smell of cannabis as a basis to perform searches, an update on the status of the SAFE Banking Act, a glimpse into the world and state of lobbying in the marijuana industry … and more!

  • In what may serve as a harbinger of forthcoming protections around the country, New York’s new cannabis legislation generally prohibits law enforcement from using the smell of cannabis to initiate a search.

  • As previously reported in the Cannabis Law Newsletter, the House of Representatives recently passed the SAFE Banking Act. Will the Senate?

  • As the groundswell of support for cannabis legalization makes its way around the country, cannabis companies, banks, and trade organizations are hiring droves of lobbyists to help shape policy in the nascent and burgeoning industry.

  • Despite the Democrats’ control of both Houses of Congress and the increasing number of states that have legalized cannabis, President Biden has essentially maintained the status quo, frustrating supporters and legalization advocates.

  • A new study shows that the as much as 80% of cannabis sold in California is illegal, belying any notion that the black market in the Golden State is on the wane.

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