Cannabis Law Newsletter by HK Cannabis Law – January 7, 2021

In today’s HK Cannabis Law Newsletter, we present articles and information regarding: what to expect in 2021 in the cannabis industry, Los Angeles businesses seeking relief relative to recently expired marijuana licenses, the potential for federal legalization in 2021, and more.

  • 2021 looks to be a banner year for the cannabis industry. New cross-breeds, new food and beverage pairings, and further de-stigmatization of cannabis in culture are among Leafly’s predictions for the New Year. Meanwhile, the business outlook for the industry appears to be as optimistic as ever.

  • Corruption, poor business practices, and other issues in cannabis labs pose a serious threat to the cannabis testing industry.

  • After their marijuana permits expired on New Year’s Eve, nearly 60 Los Angeles businesses are now seeking relief in State Court in the form of an order requiring that the City of Los Angeles give the licensees a chance to appeal the expirations.

  • Tips for your 2020 California cannabis taxes.

  • The prospect of federal legalization is looking more and more possible, if not likely, in the wake of the Democratic Party’s big wins in Georgia this week.

  • The number of licenses issued for cannabis research by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration may increase this year.

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