Cannabis Law Newsletter by HK Cannabis Law – April 29, 2022

In today’s HK Cannabis Law Newsletter, we present articles concerning the apparent ascendance of “big cannabis,” how Governor Newsom’s water conversation plans affect cannabis farmers, an update on California cannabis prices, and more!

  • The tensions between big and small cannabis growers continue to fester amidst frustration over Proposition 64’s broken promises.

  • Nevada County is set to revisit its cannabis growing ordinance later this year.

  • Governor Newsom proposed a plan to pay farmers to refrain from planting certain crops in order to conserve water, but cannabis farmers are currently not eligible.

  • Cannabis prices in California recently hit their lowest point since 2018.

  • The Berkeley Cannabis Research Center has a wealth of resources regarding policy, land use, and environmental issues in the context of cannabis. They are also conducting a study regarding wildfires and cannabis here.

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